Friday, July 24, 2009

Photo Friday - In Shadow

Photo Friday time again. This weeks theme is in shadows. I don't know if this picture is considered in shadows or coming into the light, but either way I felt like there was great use of light, which in turn has beautiful shadows. My cutie Patrick helps make the photo that much better.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Moody Monday #1

More photo challenges. This one is for Moody Monday. I like the idea behind this challenge. They give you a mood or life circumstance and you take a picture that is your perception of that mood. The theme here was New Life, my first thought went to my children, so here is a newborn pic of Reilly. He looks so peaceful.

Photo Sunday

Here is my entry for Photo Sunday. The theme here was Technology. This just fit for me. Not sure why really, but I loved the shot so it is what I am using

Another something new

Ok here I am once again in need of some sort of creative outlet. I loved the idea of card making, but it is to time consuming for my schedule, maybe once I am not in school this will be an OK option, but I discovered a very similar blog for photography. I am very excited to be using photography as a creative outlet, it is a passion for me and doesn't take much time. So here is my first entry for Photo Friday. The theme this week was "My favorite Place" and although La Jolla is ot my absolute favorite place in the world, it is definetly on my list of favorites here in town. Hope everyone enjoys.