Sunday, November 22, 2009

Written Inc. - Orange

Orange is the theme for Written Inc. this week. I kept going back and forth between pumpkins and flowers for this color, and none of the shots I had were really working for me, so when I came across this lovely bird, I knew if was what I had to use. Still not entirely sure what kind of bird it is, but he is awesome even without a name.

Skywatch Friday

This shot is for Skywatch Friday. I was out doing a shoot with some old friends last night, couldn't resist the sunset. It was a beautiful night.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Written Inc. - Travel

Travel is the word for Written Inc. this week. He was looking for a series of pictures from recent trips. Unfortunetly Ian and I have not been on a trip since our honeymoon, but Patrick and I went to Georgia a few years ago. (Don't worry, we are going on a much needed vacation thanks to my parents this January). But it was probably one of the most interesting trips I have been on. The culture shock was one I will not soon forget, and although it was a beautiful place, I could never leave California to live there. Here are some of our highlights. He fell asleep on the way home from the aquarium with a cracker in his mouth. Couldn't help but get the picture!

My grandfather says this street hasn't changed since he was a boy. The house at the end of the road is the one that my great grandmother passed away in.

This is the giant chair in front of the visitor's center in Black Mountain North Carolina. Just found Patrick so funny sitting in this chair.

OK, this is probably strange to anyone not living in CA, but I had to get a picture of the gas prices because ours were around four dollars in CA. South Carolina was still under $2. How does that work?!

It is true, there is a Bat Cave and it is located in North Carolina. We were there, they even have a post office in Bat Cave. Thought this was hilarious!

Photo Friday - Three

Three is the theme for Photo Friday this week. I had lots of ideas, but finally settled on one from Kameron's third birthday party. I love that you are still able to see her face in the background as she waits to blow out her candle.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday Callenge - Youth

Thursday Challenge this week had the theme youth. My kids are the perfect example of youth (I am sure my grandparents would argue that I could fit into this category also), but for me I loved the innocence of this shot. I always enjoy watching my children experience something for the first time, this was Reilly's first trip to pick strawberries. We had a wonderful time that day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moody Monday - Playful

Moody monday has the theme Playful this week, what is more playful then a child's first time on a swing? Patrick was so happy and excited to be on the swing! Still one of my favorite pictures of him.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Written Inc. - Leaves

Leaves! This picture was the first that came to mind when I heard the theme leaves. Patrick just loved his day in the leaves. I thought it was perfect for Written Inc. this week.

Two 4 Tuesday - Violent - Calm

Two 4 Tuesday had the theme Violent - Calm. I hate violence, so calm is where I went this week. I have this picture of Reilly that I LOVE of him laying in the grass. He fell and instead of egtting right up he simply laid there, taking in the view of the sky and enjoying laying in the grass. This has always been one of my favorite things to do so I loved watching him enjoy the same thing. It still makes me smile whenever I look at the picture, brings a sense of calm to me.

Moody Monday - Grumpy

Moody Monday's theme today was grumpy. I love little kid grumpy faces, they are the best. I think this picture of Reilly speaks for itself, grumpy can happen even at the beach!

Moody monday - Bewitched

Moody monday this last week was bewitched. I felt that Kelly's yard was a great example of this on halloween. We transformed the yard in a couple of hours, and this is what we got.