Sunday, February 28, 2010

Macroday - Optical

Macroday's theme this week is optical.  Most people seem to have entered things like camera lenses and glasses, but why not something as beautiful as an eye?  I guess I will be the first.  These are the stunning blue eyes of my one year old boy, amazing I know.  The scarry thing is when I look at this picture I see my eyes.  This is the first time I have actually seen that, I think it is simply the angle, but I will take it. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shutterday - Mobile Device

It is always fun to see what kind of pictures you get off of your camera phone, so I liked the challenge from shutterday this week. The theme is mobile device with specific directions that say the photo should be taken with one of your mobile devices like phone (although many people seemed to miss this part of the challenge). I took this picture at Mission Bay a couple weeks ago. Just a relaxing evening at the coast with the boys and an amazing sunset.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Written Inc. - At Rest

This is one of those very rare moments in time when Reilly is actually sleeping. (I say that knowing full well that he is actually a very good sleeper) We had been out on an excursion all day and the poor little guy was just pooped, he never falls asleep on other people, he like shis own bed. But I was happy because I made a great pillow that day and was able to hold out my arm and get this precious shot while we were on our way back to the ship. This was the first image that popped into my mind for Written Inc.'s theme of At rest.

Macroday - Love

OK , I know this photo is not of things that many people love, but I love MANY things about this photo. Bugs interest me, especially snails, something about them has always caught my interest (wierd I know). This one happened to be sliming its way up our front window at night and I just had to snap some pictures of it. When I downloaded the photos I realized that the way the snail was sitting you could see an amazing little heart right in the middle of it. I love finding hearts in nature, anytime I see one I have to take a picture and usually wind up using the photo for valentines the next year. I did not use this picture this year (I thought too many people would be grosed out by it), but maybe I should have. Heart's are associated with love so that is why this gets my pick for macroday's theme of love.

Lensday - Eyes

I have been missing my weekly photo blogs, and since I have had a kinda rough week I felt that this may get me in better spirits for the weekend. Lensday has Eyes as their theme this week, and I love it. I have to admit that eyes are probably my most favoite feature on people and animals, they are just beautiful. So here is a picture of my oldest son playing peek a boo with me through the slats of his play structure. I have to say that I think my boys have some of the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. Ian always says that the boys eyes are so intense that he feels like they are trying to steal his soul. I don't know about all of that, but they sure have captured me.