Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Written Inc./Lensday - Colorful

This week is full of fun themes.  For instance both Written Inc. and Lensday are doign the theme colorful.  Color is such an amazing thing, and so hard to get right in a photograph (I won't go into all of the scientific reasons why it is hard to get, especially in digital photography, but believe me it is!).  Anyway, becuase I love color this theme sang to me.  Since it is the Easter time of year, and I do love Easter, we have been partaking in some usual Easter customs in my household, mainly dying eggs.  Patrick just loves to dye eggs, and I think he did a pretty awesome job with these.  I couldn't help but capture the beautiful colors all in a row, it worked out quite nicely for the theme colorful this week.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Macroday/Shutterday - Floral/Pink

The theme for macroday this week is floral.  We have recently been doing some gardening.  I have always loved lilies, especially calla lilies, so I finally talked Ian into getting some for the yard.  I adore the white ones, but can't help love all the colors they come in.  This was one Ian picked out, and I just love the color.  Pink calla lilies are just not something you see everyday, which made me want to also use these for Shutterday this week since the theme is pink.  Always nice when you can use one shot for two great themes.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shutterday - Playing

I know that I am constantly posting pictures of my boys, but I just can't help it, I find them irresistable.  This week for shutterday I once again find myself including pictures of my kids, but I am adding Patrick's best friend in the world into the mix.  These two have been buddies since they met and I just adore the two of them together, they play so well together, there is never a worry about them getting violent with each other.  I took this picture as they were taking turns playing baseball, or golf ball as the case may be (our tee was broken at the time).  My favorite part of this picture was how chivalrous my son appeared, setting up the ball for Abby to hit.  We have apparently been successful in the teaching of sharing.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moody monday - Risk-taking

I haven't done Moody Monday in a few weeks, I just wasn't feeling the themes.  This week however is risk-taking, and with two boys in my house there is constantly some sort of risk-taking going on.  Little things like saying no to mom or sneaking fruit snacks out of the cupboard, all the way up to big things like the one in this picture.  Now it may not look like too big of a risk until you realize that Reilly is only 13 months old here, that's right, 13 months.  Then take into account the fact that he is wet and the playstructure is about five feet tall, I would say that this is pretty risky business.  How about you?  He made it to the top and since this time has not made any attempt to stop climbing this structure, even with a few seriously flawed attempts.