Saturday, July 17, 2010

Favaorite Photo Friday

I just could not choose this week so you are getting two of my photos on this post.  I took these one evening this week while my boys were watching a movie.  The light coming in through the giant living room window was perfect and I just had to capture it.  My boys are so used to me sitting there with a camera in their face that they didn't even budge.  Too funny.  Anyway, these were once again shot with my Nikon D50, with a Tamron 28-300 lens.  I had a fairly slow shutter speed, around 1/15 or so, and yes I used a tripod cause there was no way I can hold my camera still for that.  I did brighten them up a little and then set the black point for these.  I don't know photoshop terms for that, I use nikon software.  Hope you all enjoy, and if you wanna check other favorite photos from the week, check out Favorite Photo Friday.

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