Sunday, July 25, 2010

Favorite photo Friday

I have been submitting to Favorite photo Friday for the last couple weeks now.  I like it because I am not necessarily limited to a single subject matter or idea, it is simply getting me to get out there and take pictures and post what I really like form the week.  This week my family made our way up to my husband's favoite place on earth; his boy scout camp!  He worked there for years and calls it home.  A bunch of "the guys" decided to make a trip up there for Friday night campfire so we decided this would be a good time to show our boys this wonderful place.  Our oldest had been a few times, but our youngest had never been.  We wandered the camp's grounds and made a stop by the lake.  The scouts were all at dinner so no one was on the lake.  I couldn't resist this shot of the boats all parked at the dock with the reflection of the water.  The light circles in the corner were intentional, I like them, it is a matter of personal opinion, but I like them.  They add to the feel of this picture for me, reminds me of the intense summer sun.  Anyway.  The picture was taken with my Nikon D50, tamron 28-300 lens.  I had everything on auto for this, and I brought the exposure down a notch in postproduction.  Other then that, it has not been changed.  Hope you all enjoy, leave a comment and then visit Favorite Photo Friday to see other pics form the week.


gypsyrose said...

Love the photo it looks so calm and peaceful, can just imagine myself relaxing in one of the boats.

Kelly said...

I Like it a lot!

Valerie said...

After spending the last two days in a state park with water and boats and sun - I truly do appreciate the peacefulness that this photo exudes!

So you said the circle of light reflections were intentional. That is so neat - but how did you do that?

My son just took some great photos of the sun - that came out with sun rays beaming like a star all around - I thought for sure he had adjusted the photo but he assured me he did not -

So how do you do those kinds of things?

Thanks participating in Favorite Photo Friday. THis is what I like about it - being able to chat with one another and find out "how did you do that?"