Sunday, August 22, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday and Written inc.

This week has been crazy busy, and I missed the deadline for Favorite photo Friday last week, so i am making a very conscious effort to get things in this week.  It just happened to work out that the photos i am picking work out well for Written inc this week as well.  The theme at Written inc. is kids.  Specifically, kids and summer.  When I think of summer I think beautiful sunsets, and my kids playing in the grass outside.  I love to just go sit in the shade, enjoy the cool breeze and see what images I can catch as my little one play all around me.  In the first photo my oldest son is at soccer practice.  They had a break to get some water and relax (they are all only 4 years old) and my son just plopped himself in the grass to play and enjoy.  He just looked so happy and innocent in this picture I couldn't resist sharing it.  The second picture is of my youngest a year ago.  He was so little and still a bit unbalanced.  He had been sitting on the edge of the sandbox and fell over into the grass.  He didn't stay down for long, but you can just see the relaxation and contentment as he lies there.  He was truly enjoying the feel of the grass on his body.  Both pictures were taken with my Nikon D50 Tamron lens 28-300mm.  Nothing special was done here, just used the D-lighting feature on my Nikon software.  And I think the color was boosted in the picture of my little guy.  All in all they just gave me the feeling of summer, and I love these two pictures.

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Valerie said...

What precious babies you have!
The photos look so natural for a typical summer day.
I remember those days when the kids were little.
Time surely flies!
Treasure those moments!!