Saturday, August 7, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday - Dragonfly

I am submitting this dragonfly for Favorite Photo Friday this week for a number of reasons.  I thought the shot was really cool, and I LOVE dragonflies.  They are just amazing animals to me.  I used my Nikon D50 for these, with a Quantaray  70-300mm lens set to it's macro function.  I am pretty sure I had it at 300mm on macro.  The settings were on auto, except my focus which was on manual.  Turned out well in my opinion, I love that you can even see the little hairs on his face.  Post production I boosted the color very slightly and sharpened the image.  Doesn't it look like he is trying not to get blown away?


gypsyrose said...

A great shot, what I love about it is you can see it in such detail, its so pretty.

Carmi said...

This photo is phenomenal. It is your visitors who are blown away by the image. I'm particularly humbled by the absolute sense of motion in this shot. Freaking brilliant